Monday, 10 June 2013

Scooter Cafè, Waterloo

Scooter Cafè is located at the far end of Lower Marsh, Waterloo. Literally in the shadow of Waterloo Station, Lower Marsh is a gem that is often overlooked as hoards head towards the Southbank, all the better I say! A nice selection independent shops, cafès and bars and there is also the Lower Marsh food market, with a wide selection of lunchables.

It's easily one of my favourite cafès in London <3 look at this little guy! The cafè itself is deceptively large, they have a cute little garden at the back and a large bar area downstairs.Its quirky, full of vintage charm, and they have the nicest mocha I've ever had...the secret is white chocolate! Yummo! The cafè is open until 11pm, 12pm at the weekend, so its a great place to have a low-key night out, perfect!

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