Thursday, 14 March 2013

Trinity Stores, Balham

I used to walk past Trinity Stores twice a day for 18 months while I was living in Balham and everyday I thought 'we should go there for lunch at the weekend, it's so cute!!'. I never made it there and it was one of the places I was genuinely sad about not trying.

When we visited Balham at the weekend, we found ourselves with 25 minutes to spare before our train home and decided this was the perfect opportunity to pop in for a coffee.

Its just as cute inside as out! Its definitely more of a lunch destination, most of the options come from the deli counter, which looked delicious!! We'd already eaten at, The Nightingale, so decided to have a flapjack instead, it was tough not to choose the toffee cheesecake though!! Next time we're in Balham, I'd really like to go back for a late lunch.

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