Friday, 8 March 2013

Cubana, Waterloo

Oh Cubana, I hate you so much, but when I'm inside you I just want to shimmy and shake my maracas! *ahem* 

Cubana has such a funky vibe about it, the decor, cocktails and music all make you want to break out into the samba and enjoy the non-existent sunshine of SE1... However, their staff are the biggest bunch of sourpusses I've ever come across this side of the iron curtain!!! I have been there on many occasions and had consistently bad service. They really need to decide whether they want to be a restaurant or a bar and stick to it OR have designated sections for both and leave people to drink their margaritas in peace!

My friend and I have eaten there once before (proper food, not plantain chips!) and they moved us around twice and eventually made us sit outside to the winter!! This has also happened when we've been there for drinks too, you end up playing musical chairs all night and the staff aren't even apologetic when they make you move! When myself and my friend were waiting to be seated this evening (at 5:30pm!), we overheard the waitress telling a table they had to move and chuckled knowingly to each other.

I'm totally not a hard-arse when it comes to service and always leave a tip, even when we've had a mediocre service, but tonight was the night that Cubana finally lost my custom. Such a shame!!

Go, if you want a kinda cheap happy hour, but don't expect service with a smile...or to keep your seat for longer than 10 minutes!

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  1. will you stop?
    It is not so much that you are being unfair with your review, as it is of you grasping for straws in publicizing a blog that it is actually not even close to be a good writing for a 4th grade school assignment. Your blog is read by you and maybe your friends that feel obligated to do so. I would have respect for your opinion if you weren't posting your blog review in ever free site you can.
    You are frankly a spiteful annoying wannabe writer that will never amount to a opinionated person because there is no structure on your criticism. There is in none of your reviews a constructive criticism but criticism for the sake of it, and you do deserve to be locked in bars that smell like barf, as you seem to point out.
    Sad lady...have a happy Easter

  2. :)

    Indicative of Cubana's disregard for customer service, experience and satisfaction. Nuff said.

    1. And you still go... This time around , 2 or 3 weeks ago when you turned up, I told all my girls to allow you to sit where you wanted and told Anna, the bartender that served you to treat you like royalty. So she served you before people that were there longer and she served you very well. Sod you say anything? No, you just did some funny faces to your friend on the other side of the bar.
      Glad to see there is consistency in you.

    2. That wasn't me, I haven't been back to Cubana since I wrote this post as I no longer work around Waterloo. Thank you very much for your kind intentions though, had it been me I would have appreciated the service.
      Best wishes,